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Consumer Goods

Hardly any other industry is as diverse as the consumer goods industry. Food, tobacco, personal care products, beverages and cleaning agents all fall into this category. Medium-sized companies in the FMCG sector (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) have to face the competitive pressure of some industry giants and have to struggle with new regulations, standardization and certification requirements. The consumer goods market has also undergone some changes in recent years. These include, among other things, ever-increasing online trading, shorter product life cycles, higher consumer expectations with regards to transparency and the challenges of an increasingly saturated European market. But new developments also offer new opportunities. In times of Big Data, the diverse customer expectations can be explored better than ever before. Those who use the digital offerings can use the acquired data to optimize supply chains as well as purchasing and business processes. In order not to lose touch with the competition, it is more important than ever to observe the market, identify new trends and always anticipate consumer wishes. To ensure that you are prepared for future challenges, you’ll need a qualified partner at your side. The CF-MB is at your disposal for this purpose. We cover a wide range of services. For example, we can help you find a suitable company to expand your product range or go digital. Conversely, if you are interested in selling your company, we will help you to optimize the financial structure of your company to make it attractive to potential buyers. If, on the other hand, you would like to make a succession arrangement for your consumer goods company, we will help you to achieve a purchase price in line with the market and to ensure a smooth transition. Feel free to contact us and use our experience with transactions in the consumer goods sector to ensure that you are optimally positioned for the future. We look forward to presenting our references to you in the course of an initial meeting.


Our services at a glance:

  • Identification of potential purchase candidates to expand the product range or to strengthen your own digitalization
  • Optimization of the financial structure by establishing interesting corporate finance products
  • Support in the preparation of business plans and implementation of a professional and independent company valuation
  • Comprehensive advice on corporate transactions as a result of a lack of succession planning