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Service industry

The service industry is the largest economic sector in Germany. Numerous sectors such as education, health, trade, logistics, hospitality, management consultancy, maintenance, repair and public services can be assigned to this industry. It is therefore hardly surprising that a large proportion of jobs in Germany as a business location depend on a stable service market. Since human resources have traditionally been of great importance to companies in the service sector, the shortage of skilled workers is particularly noticeable, depending on the sector. Employees in the IT sector in particular are urgently needed, as the entire industry is currently grappling with the opportunities and risks of digital transformation and changing customer needs. Proven business models and processes must be put to the test in order to be able to hold their own against the competition in the long term. Service companies benefit from their direct contact with customers. This access gives them the opportunity to identify new trends and flexibly adapt their offerings to current developments. The advantages of artificial intelligence, for example, have already been recognized by many service providers today. Nevertheless, the challenges of digital change should not be underestimated. In times of social media and evaluation platforms, professional customer and complaint management has become just as indispensable as a digital presence. In this phase of upheaval, established companies must be careful not to lose touch with the competition. One way to become more innovative is to acquire another company. Strategic acquisitions offer, depending on the case, just as much potential as company mergers. At the same time, the size of the market also offers tempting opportunities to sell your own company. CF-MB can support you on this path. Our advisory services cover the entire range of corporate finance. This includes the regulation of your corporate succession, the professional valuation of your company and the planning, support and implementation of M&A activities. Please contact us and ask for our references.


Our services at a glance:

  • Identification and establishment of new growth strategies within the scope of strategic company acquisitions to strengthen your own competitiveness
  • Comprehensive advice in every phase of the corporate transaction in the case of company acquisitions, company mergers and company sales
  • Support in the preparation of business plans and implementation of an independent business valuation
  • Professional advice on the development and implementation of a tailor-made financing concept