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Travel and tourism industry

The travel and tourism industry has a positive impact on many sectors of the economy. In addition to the accommodation sector (hotels, private accommodation or campsites) and gastronomy, rail transport, road transport (e.g. taxis), shipping, air transport, tour operators and cultural institutions also benefit from tourist activities. Driven by the worldwide enthusiasm for travel, the tourism industry has been able to grow steadily in the past. The range of offers from the providers is diverse and ranges from package holidays at the beach to city trips for those interested in culture to the rental of holiday homes and business trips. Niche providers, on the other hand, focus on serving target groups who have individual wishes (luxury holidays, language trips or adventure holidays). At the same time, however, the growing availability of attractive offers is also increasing the demands on tour operators. This applies equally to accommodation, transport and service quality. Challenges for the tourism industry lie in particular in the lack of skilled workers and the high cost pressure that arises, for example, from the use of publicly accessible comparison portals. In addition, online ratings and customer references play an increasingly central role in the selection of tourism-related services. More and more travellers share their positive and negative experiences on digital media in the form of vlogs or short reports and thus have a direct influence on the booking and purchasing behaviour of other tourists.   

Currently, the travel and tourism industry is facing unprecedented challenges. The corona pandemic has already left irreparable damage after a short time. Fears, contact restrictions, closed borders and curfews have already plunged numerous companies into insolvency. For some providers, sales have come to a complete standstill. Especially companies that were not able to build up reserves in the past became insolvent after a short time. Many other companies are facing a similar fate in the near future. One way to get out of the crisis may be to take on an equity investor. Even a distress sale can be a way out for some entrepreneurs to preserve their life's work. Corporate Finance Mittelstandsberatung is a transaction specialist and can help you develop a suitable roadmap for the continued existence of your company. Our international network with access to numerous decision-makers can provide significant added value, especially in the context of time-critical and complex transactions. We can also help you to develop liquidity plans to monitor your cost structure. Feel free to contact us and arrange an appointment.


Our services at a glance:

  • Comprehensive advice on corporate transactions due to lack of a succession plan
  • Identification of potential acquisition candidates to create new synergies
  • Support in the preparation of business plans and implementation of a professional and independent company valuation
  • Development and support of the strategic reorientation
  • Partial sale of company shares to a strategic partner or implementation of a tailor-made financing concept to realise further expansion and modernisation plans